Ritual Spring Songs and Dances

  • Ritual Spring Songs and Dances
Issue 12, April 2009.

‘Velyka Haivka’ festival of ancient Ukrainian fertility dances, Easter Sunday (April 19),
Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life Traditionally during Ukrainian Easter Sunday, young girls performed the dance known as ‘the haivky’ in front of churches or in cemeteries. In pagan times the haivky is thought to have been were performed in sacred groves close to the water. This group dance, which involves elements of song, jest and drama, is believed to serve a magical function with the aim of enticing Spring onwards and chasing Winter away. Inevitably, it has subtle erotic undertones and is full of pagan passion, intertwined by the promise of future fortune..Haivky dances are based around circular movement in what is though to be a tribute to the orbit of the earth around the eternal sun. On Easter Sunday, which this year falls on April 19, Lviv’s Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life will host a festive celebration entitled ‘Velyka Haivka’ (literally: the great haivka) with lots o fun promised for both kids and adults. The following day, the venue will host traditional Wet Monday festivities. For more details call +8032 2997328 or head for the museum at Chernecha Hora , 1.