A Classical Music Masterclass

  • A Classical Music Masterclass
Issue 12, April 2009.

‘Virtuosi’ Annual International Academic Music Festival, venues across Lviv, May 15 until May 31 This festival has been going from strength to strength since its inception in May 1981, when it brought a little glimmer of light to the dark, dying days of the sterile Brezhnev
era in Soviet Lviv.It remains closely tied to the city’s Philharmonic Society Theatre, and is arguably the number one event on what is an increasingly rich selection of classical events dotting the Lviv cultural calendar. This year’s festival will open with a blockbuster performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, with the unofficial EU anthem ‘Ode to Joy’ set to be performed by Poles Małgorzata Rodek (soprano) Monika Ledzion (mezzo-soprano) and Jerzy Knetig (tenor). Other participating musicians will include a thouth chorus from Lodz, Poland, and Swiss violinist Volodymyr Astrakhantsev, will world-acclaimed conductors including Saulus Sondeckis (Lithuania), Wojciech Rodek (Poland), Bohuslaw Davidov (Poland) and Aidar Torybaiev (Lviv) will perform. The festival headliner this year will be world famous pianist Sergey Edelman (USA). Other highlights promises to be the ‘Haydn Mozart’ improvisation Lviv’s Academy Chamber Orchestra together with conductor Saulus Sondeckis (Lithuania) plus soloists Oleksandra Korobkina of Russia on violin and Mr. Edelman on piano. See next month’s issue of Lviv Today for a full festival programme.