Rock Rave on Wet Monday

  • Rock Rave on Wet Monday
Issue 1, May 2008.

‘Zhest’ Rock Festival, April 20 from 17.00, Kiev Cinema (8, Shevchenko Avn.)
Lviv has a thriving underground music scene with plenty of fans of hard rock and other metal-related genres, and every spring just after Easter the rock community gathers for the annual Zhest festival, which attracts the best of local talent alongside some regional guest stars. This year the event will be going ahead of the traditional Wet Monday holiday which follows on directly from Easter Sunday, making the likelihood of some outrageous wet T-shirt action extremely high indeed. Guest headliners will be Poland’s ‘Parricide’, who will share the top of the bill with local heroes ‘Dzvinochki’. Other participants in the marathon of metal and rock include Fleshgore (Кyiv), Submind (Kyiv), Apostate (Lviv), Lustry Chizhevskogo (Lviv) and 82172 (Stebnik). And no, that last one is really the group’s name, not their telephone number.