Calling All Jazz Fans!

  • Calling All Jazz Fans!
Issue 10, February 2009.

Lviv has long been known as the unofficial jazz capital of Ukraine, but until now it has not had its own specific jazz focus. That is all now set to change thanks to the creation of the all-new Jazz Club Lviv, which will bring lovers of this laid-back genre together every Thursday and Sunday at the Kvartyra 35 bar within the Dzyga Art Centre. The initiative is the work of the Dzyga team, who have been behind many of the most important arts developments in post-soviet Ukraine. They have been supported by local jazz lovers Mark Tokar, Dana Vynnytska, Igor Gnydyn, Anastasya Litvinuk, Sergiy Kosenko and Markyan Ivashyshyn. Lviv Jazz Club events will be open to all and will encourage people to participate as much as possible in jamming sessions that will run throughout Thursday evenings and from 12.00 on lazy Sunday afternoons. For more details please contact Igor Gnydyn on 8 (096) 7841417, [email protected] or call direct to Dzyga at 8 (032) 244-47-78.