Issue 56, April 2013.


May 9 – 12, Inner courtyard of Lviv City Hall (Rynok Square). 

The festival was launched first in 2003 and each of the following years it has continued to expand and to enrich its programme with new literary actions, presentations, performances, happenings, multimedia projects and various aesthetic provocations. In the span of ten years, Flugery has featured more than 150 bands (over 500 musicians) from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Austria, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Senegal, Moldova, Russia, Israel, the U.S. and many others. The program of “Flugery of Lviv 2013” is expected to be very rich and exciting – each festival day will have its own theme, highlights and surprises. The first day of the event will feature performances by “ShockolaD”, “Zapaska”, “Max Vatutin Trio”, “Dzhalapita”, “Vinipuz Mob”, “Andrew Kokhan & BluesClubLviv Project”, “Triangular Matrix & Nazgulya Shukaeva” (Ukraine-Kazakhstan) “Marinita Trio” (Ukraine-Hungary), “Longital” (Slovakia), “Babooshki” (Ukraine – Poland), “Dwooto” and “Michał Milczarek Trio” (Poland). This year, the festival will feature a contest for young Ukrainian rock-bands, the winner of which will take part in the International Rock-Fest «ROCK NOCĄ» (Poland) during June 28-29, 2013. Participants of the festival will compete for the chance to perform at the upcoming “Przystanek Woodstock” festival and will be able to record their album at a professional studio in addition to receiving 10 000 PLN. On May 09, 2013, the festival will be dedicated to the contest and will showcase the concerts of the following competing bands: “Abu-Kasimovi Kapci” (Lviv), “Fiolet” (Lutsk), “Viter” (Lviv), “Hairy Viper” (Kyiv) and “D.Hate” (Lviv). The traditional “Awakening with “Hych Orchestra” will take place on the Sunday morning of May 12th. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy good music and buy your tickets now! For ticket booking and information about the event please visit: www.dzyga.com.ua