Tiesto world tour

  • Tiesto world tour
Issue 25, June 2010.

Lviv’s rise and rise as a regional cultural capital received another boost earlier this year when the city was included onto the schedule of global DJ phenomenon Tiesto’s 2010 World Tour. This month the celebrated mix master will play an all-night set to thousands of Leopolitan fans at the city’s Hippodrome at what will surely be the event of the summer 2010 season. Lviv has long been known locally as Ukraine’s cultural capital, but it appears that the outside world is also finally taking notice of the exciting scene that is emerging in the dainty little corner of Old Europe.

The biggest name in the clubbing world
It is easy to get carried away by hype, but the fact remains that Tiesto is not just another supposedly big name DJ. He is arguably the biggest name of them all, having spent the best part of the past decade riding high in the international ratings as the unofficial heavyweight champion of the DJ world. Tiesto has played at Olympic Games opening ceremonies and worked the decks at most of the world’s top club venues while performing alongside a vast array of A-list music industry celebrities. In the clubbing world he is revered as a particularly baby-faced elder statesman and he tops the bill wherever he goes. Luckily for Ukrainian fans, it seems that the alternative buzz and sensual ethos of Ukraine’s club life is very much to the DJ’s tastes. He has been playing the Ukrainian capital city with increasing frequency for the past four years and is said to have developed a passion for the ultra-glamourous and often drop dead gorgeous world of Ukrainian clubbing. In recent years he has also expanded his reach in the region and this year’s world tour will actually include four Ukrainian stop-offs in Kharkiv, Odesa, Kyiv and Lviv.

A long way from the rock dinosaurs of the 1990s
All this is a very long way away from the dark days of the 1990s when the only so-called big name stars who included  Ukraine on their tour schedules were aging rockers from half-forgotten 1970s acts and Euro trash one-hit wonders  looking to capitalise on the perceived provincialism of the Ukrainian market to make a quick buck. This steady stream of nostalgia acts and wannabes did little for Ukrainian fans and reflected the concentration of disposable income among the culturally conservative 40+ age bracket of the country’s audience demographic.
The loosening of visa restrictions in 2005 following the Orange Revolution have done much to make Ukraine a more attractive stop off along European and world tour routes, but in truth the definitive change has taken place among Ukrainian audiences, who are now more affluent and worldly in their tastes than their predecessors of a decade ago. Every major Ukrainian city now boasts a dynamic and competitive club scene featuring a host of local DJing talent and regular international guests. Ukraine’s unaligned geopolitical status help to foster a sense of no-man’s-land abandon in many foreign visitors to the country’s nightlife scene and this is clearly something which has appealed to the well-travelled Tiesto.