Festival of Fluorescence

  • Festival of Fluorescence
Issue 22, March 2010.

 ‘Lviv Lumines’ 2nd Annual Fluorescent Art Festival,
22 March – 4 April, Lviv Art Palace, 17 Kopernika Street

Lviv’s arts scene has always been vibrant and in recent year’s the city’s re-emergence on the East European cultural scene has been mirrored by the growth of the international art festival presence in and around the city. One of the brightest new additions to this trend has been the Lviv Lumines festival, which offers a fun and interactive way of viewing the very specific and engrossing art of fluorescent art. The festival exhibition will cover a huge area of Lviv’s imposing Art Palace, incorporating more that 1000 square metres of floor space, creating an atmosphere
more akin to an amusement arcade than an art exhibition. This is likely to be one of the more original and unusual events of the early spring cultural season.

For more information on Lviv Lumines please contact Olga Shved on +380971370586