Lviv pop star with international ambition

  • Lviv pop star with international ambition
Issue 20, January 2010.

Fans of bubblegum pop are in for a treat this month with the presentation of emerging Lviv pop star Lyudmyla Yasinska’s debut album. Entitled ‘Tobiy’ (‘For You’), the album will be presented to the Lviv public at the city’s popular Picasso Nightclub on January 29. Blonde bombshell Yasinska has earned a reputation for quirky versatility since appearing on the Lviv scene and this is reflected in the diversity of her debut album’s contents, which ranges from Latin American themes to Ukrainian folk music as well as English language tracks. The photogenic and hard-working Yasinska earned her first breakthrough in show business by appearing on the Ukrainian TV talent show spin-off project ‘American Chance’, and the track she performed on the show while in America, entitled “Shake Your Body”, has become the singer’s signature tune. Other highlights of the album include the Latino-scented ‘Muchachos’, while her duet with local rap legend Vova zi Lvova has also garnered her much online attention and helped boost her Lviv credentials among the partisan local audience. This is just the sort of pop culture development that Lviv has been missing recently. While the city has witnessed a huge upsurge in ethno-inspired music in recent years there has been little in the way of new bubblegum pop princesses to worship so Ms. Yasinska has every chance of building up quite a following for herself among her fellow Leopolitans. You can judge for yourself whether she is worthy this January 29 at Picasso! Lyudmyla Yasinska album presentation Picasso Nightclub January 29 From 20.00 Zelena str., 88
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