Video Art Extravaganza Boosts Alternative Scene

  • Video Art Extravaganza  Boosts Alternative Scene
Issue 19, December 2009.

“Videologia” festival of musical video, Lviv Art Palace (17,
Kopernika str.) December 19-20

Lviv has earned a reputation in recent years as an up-andcoming alternative venue for the visual arts and this reputation looks set to be enhanced by this December’s ‘Videologia’ festival which will feature a wide range of musical documentaries, live concert screenings, video clips and other examples of modern musical visual arts. The main programme of the festival will feature six screenings of one and a half hours in length, while fans of fast flicks will no doubt enjoy the ‘100 films in one session’ concept, a headlong rush into the world of ten-second attention spans and adolescent artistic aesthetics where films are condensed into a single minute and shown en masse over a single one hour forty minute sitting.
As well as exciting multi-media screenings and a chance for much bohemian socialising the festival also incorporatesand educational aspect and will include a selection of master-classes from well known and experienced Ukrainian clip makers who promise to share their trade secrets. The highlight of the festival programme promises to be a screening of a documentary film about the group ‘Soulwax’ by iconic British clip maker Saam Farakhmand. Meanwhile, there will also be performances by Vj’s and a range of musical groups. The organisers of this festival are the dynamic team at WIZ-ART.
They, along with festival hosts Lviv Art Palace, encourage everyone with an interest in video art and music to come along and see what all the fuss is about.

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