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Issue 19, December 2009.

 “Play Ink – Ink Play” exhibition of modern Chinese theatrical opera painting, Lviv Art Palace (Kopernyka str., 15), December 8 until January 5

This exhibition featuring works of art used in performances at the Beijing Opera has been on tour for over a decade and has proved enormously popular around the world. Part of the Collection of the Shanghai Art Museum, it offers a window onto the unique and ancient traditions of stage art in China and their role in maintaining continuity in Chinese culture over the centuries. The featured artists in this exhibition have all sought to capture the most attractive and expressive figures in Chinese Opera, and have employed a variety of different artistic styles and genres to do so from their own unique perspectives. This will be the first exhibition of its kind in Lviv and is part of more far-reaching efforts to strengthen cultural ties between Ukraine and China.

For more information please contact exhibition coordinator Valentyna Synenka on +38 0673679190.