French Cultural Treat est Arrive!

  • French Cultural Treat est Arrive!
Issue 18, November 2009.

 Grand opening of new Alliance Francaise Foundation premises in Lviv featuring exhibition of the works of French painter Andre Jolivet,
23 November – 19 December, Lviv Art Gallery (Stefanyka Str. 3)

This month sees an art exhibition of flowery French charm in Lviv as the global efforts of the Francaise Foundation to promote Gallic language and culture expands in the capital of West Ukraine with a new and improved centre at 18a Ogienka Street.
This exhibition, entitled ‘Flowers of the roman’, offers a taste of modern French artistic aesthetics which carry more than a hint of medieval tapestry styles. Artist Andre Jolivet is a master of the impressionistic use of colours but as well as offering invigorating dashes of rainbow brightness his works also sometimes offer a darker perspective, focusing instead on the weaknesses inherent in human existence.
For a sneak peak of the inner workings of this French master’s artistic approach prior to the late November    Lviv   opening  please,   visit   or  call   +38 032 297-0831.