Looking for Lviv’s next generation of leaders

  • Looking for Lviv’s next generation of leaders
Issue 17, October 2009.


Savik Shuster’s search for regional leadership: Lviv casting, 14 November
(venue to be confirmed – please see website for details nearer the date)

For the past five years since the 2004 Orange Revolution Ukraine has enjoyed unprecedented
media freedoms which have lead to the rise in a new generation of endless political talks shows and televised debates. This trend has been epitomised by one man, the post-Soviet journeyman journalist and free speech champion Savik Shuster. Shuster first made his name in Russia but found his investigative approach at odds with the Kremlin’s attempts to reign in the domestic media during the early years of the Putin presidency. Attracted by the promise of a freer press in post-Orange Revolution Ukraine, Shuster first appeared on the nation’s screens in 2005 and has been a fixture ever since, hosting political talk shows that consistently attract the very biggest names in government. His latest project is designed to give a voice to the young people in the country’s regional towns and cities, a demographic which decision-makers in Kyiv often overlook and which struggles to make itself heard among the rough and tumble and vested interests of local government. Shuster and his team will be travelling across the country from late September holding casting session in regional cities and looking for 18 to 40 year old Ukrainians who would like to make a difference to their city or region and who think they have the leadership qualities to be successful. Those chosen will then participate in a reality TV show which is to be produced by Savik Shuster’s production company and broadcast on an as-yet undisclosed channel.

For further details please visit www.3s.tv