Complete theatrical improvisation!

  • Complete theatrical improvisation!
Issue 17, October 2009.

Sixth annual ‘Drabyna’ International Contemporary heatre Festival, November 5-8,
Theatres around the city

Ever since its inception in late 2004 as the country bubbled along on a wave on national
agitation that would eventually erupt into the Orange Revolution, Lviv’s challenging
Drabyna festival has been all about offering an alternative. The festival is extremely post-modern in its approach sets out to give theatre performers complete freedom to let
their imaginations run riot. Due to the rising reputation of the event, it has now introduced
one single restriction – all performances must be not longer than one hour, in order to make
sure that everybody has a chance!

For more information and for the full programme of festival events please contact Oksana Borutska on [email protected] call +38 063-259-11-65 or visit