Nothing personal, "no offence" … just art…

  • Nothing personal, "no offence" … just art…
Issue 17, October 2009.

 Lviv is known with exquisite taste reflected in art by a bit conservative and reserved style. Main benefit of these outwardly restrained Lviv art mood is keeping old traditions alive. However there are times when even the most conservative artists are interested in trying something new.
On October 20, 2009 at 17.00 in the “Green Sofa” gallery (Lviv, Virmenska street, 7) will take official opening of the new, challenging joint exhibition “No offence” presenting to art lovers new themes and issues, sometimes almost on crossing point of emotional and creative taboos.

«No offence»:

1. Anna Atoyan - Theme:reputation, hypocrisy – Style: painting

2. Natalya Gaidash. Theme: rituals. Style: stained glass, installation.

3. Beata Corn. Тheme: ecology. Style: collage.

4. Yuriy Koval.  Theme: humanity.  Style: painting.

5. Viktor Melnichuk Тheme: roumors. Style: painting

6. Yaryna Movchan . Тheme: individuality. Style: painting

7. Sergiy Mihnovskyi Тheme: pride and prejudice. Style: painting

8. Olga Pylnyk . Тheme: sex and feelings Style: ceramics

9. Volodymyr Pinigin Тheme: illusions and reality. Style: painting

10.Petro Smetana Тheme: moda. Style: collage

11. Ruslan Tremba Тheme: aggression and society. Style: plastics

Exhibition inspirer and curator is the owner of the gallery “Green Sofa” Olesia Domaradz’ka

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