Homage to womankind

  • Homage to womankind
Issue 15, July 2009.

To Women, with love…’ international art photography exhibition, from July 24,
Lviv National Museum

For the fourth year in a row pulses this summer in Lviv with the sultry arrival of the often sensual and provocative ‘To women, with love…’ international photography exhibition series, Organised by Yuriy Titovets’ Prostir photo gallery, this event features a wide range of international artworks which all attempt to capture the essence of the modern female existence.
Interpretations vary greatly, with some photo-artists choosing to focus on cloaked and hidden Middle Eastern women in full Islamic dress, while others have taken a more erotic route and sought to emphasize the beauty of the female form.
For further details please call +38032-2421590 or visit www.galleryprostir.com