A world of colour in Ukraine’s cosmopolitan capital

  • A world of colour in Ukraine’s cosmopolitan capital
Issue 15, July 2009.

Etnovyr International Folklore Festival, August 20-24, Lviv

Long famed for its multi-ethnic make-up and cosmopolitan history, Lviv has been called the ‘Babylon of Halychina’, and this diverse inheritance will be thrust into the limelight once more at this year’s Etnovyr international folklore festival, which is held with the support of the International Council of Folklore Festivals. Lviv’s own diverse collection of local cultural traditions will be on show at this lively and eminently photographable event alongside a wide range of global cultures portrayed in their traditional form. Highlights will include Gusad folk troupe from Northern Cyprus and the Akrowa troupe from Africa’s Republic of Togo, while Bollywood fans and devotees of Indian mysticism will be delighted to learn that the PCPC troupe (www.punjabcpc.org) from the Punjab will also be participating.

For more information about Etnovir festival please visit the event’s official webpage at www. etnovyr.org.ua