French Animation on Screen

  • French Animation on Screen
Issue 14, June 2009.

 Night of French Animated Films in Lviv,
June 19-20, Kinopalace (22 Teatralna Street, Lviv)

For decades the French government has been attempting to counter the global dominance of the Anglo-Saxon superpowers by promoting Gallic cultural achievements around the world via ‘soft diplomacy’ efforts channeled
through its network of French cultural centres in over one hundred countries on every continent. One of the most successful cultural offensives that the French have been able to launch has been nationwide cinema tours featuring the best of France’s state-subsidized film industry.
Lviv has a large community of Francophile film-lovers who have been enthusiastic followers of the annual French film festival seasons which have been held in the city throughout the past decade, and this month’s animation series looks set to build on this success by drawing large crowds of enthusiasts to see what the French have to offer in a field long dominated by large American studios. The festival will feature a total of 40 screenings covering everything from children’s themes to more adult love stories.

For further details please contact Kinopalace (Teatralna Str., 22) on Tel. +38032 2975050.