June's "Frozen Images"

  • June's  "Frozen Images"
Issue 13, May 2009.

On June, 6th Lviv nightclub “Salvador Dali” (20, Povitryanna str., Lviv) will host one of the most breathtaking event of city rock life - concert of the legendary Polish group “CEMETERY OF SCREAM “. Famous musicians of the group, have picked up Lviv for promotion of their new album “Frozen Images”.
As a matter or fact, last time Lvivites were treated with such rock music delicacies in 2006, when as part of Rockoteka action, performed Swedish group “Lake of Tears”.
This June dazzle concert will be held with motto “Apostate is back!” - as this year Lviv doom-rock metal band "APOSTATE “ will make their triumphal comeback on stage! Created in 1993, “Apostate “ was extremely popular during 90ies, however due to internal conflicts and to greatest regret of their fans, musicians stopped performing in 1999.
Among other participants of the concert are group “Polynove Pole”, which will present brand new album “On seven winds” and group "FUNESTUM” (Kiev) with incredible funeral-doom genre compositions.

Salvador Dali
20, Povitryanna str., Lviv
Tel.: (+38 032) 267-34-14

Beginning of the event: 18.00

Tickets are available in boutique “Stylish Lviv” (Vagova str., 15)