Lviv welcomes first “Waiter Day”

  • Lviv   welcomes    first    “Waiter Day”
Issue 13, May 2009.

On May 21st Lviv will celebrate new holiday “Waiter Day”

This event will be launched to mark excellent service and good work of many Lviv waiters. With the initiative of Lviv Restaurant Owners Guild during the celebrations will take place rewarding of Lviv’s most experienced waiters, who will get special prizes and honorable certificates from the Lviv City Council officials.
The key event of the celebrations would be exclusive service from the restaurant owners, who will took on waiter’s uniform to surprise customers. Each venue will introduce festive program for the clients on that day, which will be quite challenging for the restaurant-going public to check as for the present moment already 32 restaurants agreed to participate in that new holiday.
“Waiter Day” will be celebrated for the first time in Ukraine and it is naturally, that this holiday idea appeared in Lviv, which has glorious restaurant traditions and is considered to be gastronomic capital of Ukraine.