Bright, bright arts that sparkle at night

  • Bright, bright arts  that sparkle at night
Issue 13, May 2009.

Lviv Lumines Fluorescent Art Festival, June 5 -14, Lviv Art Palace (17, Kopernika Str.)

Lviv’s arts culture stretches back into the Middle Ages, but it is not trapped in the framework of its historical context and continues to be a dynamic and experimental sphere which constantly stretches itself and explores new genres and  areas. This summer sees a new type of arts event in the city highlighting the art of illumination, also known as florescent art, which is as yet an unexplored genre among local creative types. The main focus of the nine-day expo will be a giant collection of florescent art works which will stretch to over 1000 square metres and will be backed up by dancers and other colourful additions.

For more information on Lviv Lumines please contact Iryna Klymenko on +38 063 762 07 00 or Andriy Androsuk on
+38 093 996 79 29.