Extreme sports spring in the capital of West Ukraine

  • Extreme sports spring in the capital  of  West Ukraine
Issue 13, May 2009.

Lemberg extreme fest, May 21-23, across the city Lviv may be known as a focus of classical music and historic architecture, but the city is also a regional haven for fans of extreme sports of all persuasions. With the Carpathian mountains nearby and some of Ukraine’s finest sports colleges located in the city, this heritage of enthusiasm for  extreme sports comes as no surprise and has given birth to the new phenomenon of the Lemberg Extreme Sports festival, which takes place every May across the city and brings together both active sports exhibitions as well as industry shows and trade fairs. Among this year’s highlights will be a paramilitary fair presenting everything you could possibly need to create your own standing guerilla army, including night sight goggles and other  great kit. Plus there will be a repeat of last year’s popular ‘wheels and cycles’ fair, which offers the very latest in everything that runs on two or four wheels, from skateboards to mountain bikes.

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