A month of world-class organ music classics

  •  A month of world-class organ music classics
Issue 13, May 2009.

Diapason International Festival of Organ Music June 15 until July 15,
Lviv Organ and Chamber Music Hall (8, S. Bandery str.)
For centuries Lviv has been famed as a regional capital of classical music, and few venues can offer the kind of world-class acoustics as the city’s Orange and Chamber Music Hall, so it is perhaps unsurprising that this monument to the art of organ music should have become the venue in recent years to what is one of the world’s best festivals of organ music.
The annual Diapasony festival brings together organists from all over the world, with artists from America, Canada and Asia set to join their Russian and European colleagues at this year’s festival. Fans of the genre will be thrilled to learn that for the whole month of the festival programme there will be daily performances at the Lviv Organ Hall, all of which promise to be spectacular. For the full festival programme please see next month’s issue of Lviv Today or
call + 38 0322723953.