Second International Wiz Art Festival of Visual Arts, May, 23-25, Lviv Art Palace

  • Second International Wiz Art Festival of Visual Arts, May, 23-25, Lviv Art Palace
Issue 13, May 2009.

Lviv first hosted the Wiz Art International Festival of Visual Art on November 20-22, 2008, and the event was such a success that just half a year later, the organisers are back for more! The November 2008 debut featured premieres of over 50 visual works of art in a variety of genres including video shorts, videoclips, videopoetry and experimentals, all of which were created by film makers from more than 20 countries of the world. This year the festival will take place for the second time in the capital of West Ukraine and will focus on presenting modern innovative tendencies in cinematography. Participants will include film makers and producers from Poland, Germany, Mexico, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Spain, Austria, Slovakia, Brazil, Armenia, the Czech Republic and many other countries. The programme will feature a diverse variety of visual art forms with the emphasis on video art and rare art house movies, with special guests including Markus Feder (Berlin), the creator of challenging video “Cock Rock Disco”, Julian Hand (London) and David O’Reilly who has recently be honoured at the 59th Berlin International Film Festival for his animated film “Please Say Something” (pictured). Also part of this year’s Wiz Art festival will be a presentation of creative films and works bу Barcelona’s D.Forma arts collective and a retrospective of works by world-famous designer & filmmaker Scott Pagano (Los Angeles).
Each evening the art-café of the host venue will welcome guests to groove away to the stilted visuals of the VJ-group Shifted Vision from Kyiv alongside Vienna’s Da Belki group.
For more details please visit or call project coordinator  Natalya Ilchuk +80636286773 +80936584577.