Swiss contribution to the magic of Hollywood!

  • Swiss contribution to the magic of Hollywood!
Issue 13, May 2009.

Exhibition dedicated to Swiss design in Hollywood, June 2-16, Lviv Art Palace, 17 Kopernika Street

Although the international film industry has become one of the most prolific cultural production centres of our era, the world remains sadly unfamiliar with the names of the many Swiss artists who, for years now, have been creating highly successful fantasy characters and sets for international film productions and video games. ‘Swiss Design in Hollywood’ is the first show to feature the contributions of Swiss artists to the field of design and digital imagery in major productions such as The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, The Fifth Element, Star Wars and Alien. This digitally based exhibition is set to revolve around DVDs and supplementary installations - the core of the exhibition will be twenty panels dealing with the work of a number of artists including H.R. Gyger, John Howe, Christian L. Scheurer and Deak Ferrand. For more information please visit or call +38 (032) 272-89-33, 297-00-10.