Pizzerias - Fast Food

1, Mickiewicz sqr., George Hotel
Cuisine: Italian,
Hours: 11:00 – 22:00
Mob.: 067-361-28-28
This real fire, the real pizza! Pizza with a thin crust, ham, tomato and mozzarella, baked for you on an open fire in the wood-fired oven! Venue offers delicious pastas, soups, salads, desserts and gourmet wines served by attentive and sincere staff – just all you need for a pleasant holiday with friends and family!



7, Shevchenko avn.,
Tel.: (032) 297-14-66,
(032) 297-14-56
24a, V. Velykogo str.,
Tel.: (032) 297-68-74,
(032) 297-68-75
12, Chornovola str.,
Tel.: (032) 297-04-84,
(032) 297-04-14
35, Svobody avn.,
Tel.: (032) 272-66-31,
(032) 272-66-31

Pizza Celentano

Popular pizza chain which prides itself
on its fresh products and efficient
service. Pizza, pasta, crepes, salads,
soups, drinks, desserts and real coffee
are some of the delights on offer.
Kopernika str., 9  
Tel.:(0322) 61 32 39
Kn. Romana str.,7
Tel.: (0322) 72 59 42
Svoboda ave., 24
Tel.: (0322) 55 06 84
Slovatskogo str.,16  
Tel.:(0322) 74 46 57

33, Lesi Ukrainky str, Lviv
Теl.: 063-626-39-34
Hours: 9:30 – 23:00
This trendy locale offers up a wide selection of hotdogs, sausage dishes, craft beer, spirits, and freshly roasted coffee. Always on the menu various soups, salads, and desserts prepared by wonderful master chef Stella Klimenko. Venue also features a showroom filled with clothes
and accessories by Ukrainian designers as well as a tattoo studio!


7B, Pid Dubom str., Lviv
(3rd floor at TM Forum Lviv)
Cuisine: Italian
Теl.: 068-885-47-36
Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
This stylish and cosy authentic Italian restaurant offers an array of mouthwatering dishes prepared by Head Cook Davide Lagomarsino.