Lviv’s Kateryna Kryva Leads Ukrainian Team at 2019 European Games

  • Lviv’s Kateryna Kryva Leads Ukrainian Team at 2019 European Games
  • Lviv’s Kateryna Kryva Leads Ukrainian Team at 2019 European Games
  • Lviv’s Kateryna Kryva Leads Ukrainian Team at 2019 European Games
Issue 124, June 2019.
Lviv’s Kateryna Kryva Leads Ukrainian Team at 2019 European Games
When the second European Games begin in Minsk, Belarus this month, some of Lviv’s best athletes will be leading the Ukrainian team, including European champion Kateryna Kryva. She sat down with Lviv Today to discuss her goals leading into karate’s debut at next summer’s 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.
How did you get your start in karate?
I’ve been involved since my childhood. From the first training, I understood that I wanted to be part of a team. I loved everything about it – my coach, my time training, the valuable instructions, all of which still accompany me in my everyday life. 
What is your training schedule like?
My training depends on the competition. On average, I workout once a day, 5-6 times a week. Before a tournament, I’ll move to two workouts a day. The duration of the training ranges from 45 minutes to up to 1.5 hours. 
Tell us about your experience at the 1st European Games in 2015. 
The European Games were stressful for me. It was only then that I really understood what karate as an Olympic sport is like. After Baku (in 2015), I was calmer at all other competitions. It’s a pity that I only took 4th place, as I could have done much better. 
What are your goals for the 2019 season?
I don’t want to make things up. I’m trying to work to the maximum this season. My main goals are the Second European Games and qualifying for the Olympics.
You spend a lot of time working with children. How would you convince little girls to start competing in sports like karate?
It should be noted that a lot of girls are already participating in karate. This is a sport that allows girls to develop both physically and mentally. The development of flexibility, speed, strength, and agility positively affects the female body. And participating in competitions is great for self-confidence!
You are known as much for your beauty as your athleticism. Do questions like ‘have you considered modelling’ bother you? Or do you feel like this has give you more opportunities?
Thank you for the compliment. For my looks, I have my parents to thank, and regular training in the hall. Yes, I’ve had different modelling offers, but for the moment I have just one goal that takes up all my time *smiles*. 
What do Ukrainian men think about your success in sports? Do they find you intimidating?
Mostly they are surprised to learn what I do and about my successes. But when they see me train, their questions disappear right away. I don’t think they are afraid of me. In any case, I try to convince them not to be *winks*. 
What do you like most about life and education in Lviv?
I fell in love with Lviv immediately. This is a city that gives me energy and I can’t wait to get back (after travelling). There is a very positive energy and atmosphere. I became the person I am now while studying at LDUFK. The training allowed me to understand karate deeper as a modern sport and to train for elite results in sports. 
What most excites you about participating in karate’s debut at the Summer Olympics next year?
Well, sure, this is the status of the tournament. I’d love to get a medal and just want to compete to the best of my ability. After all, I will be representing Ukraine.
Anything else you’d like to add?
I just want to thank my trainer Vyacheslav Andronyak. And, of course, Igor Bogdan, for their hard work and professionalism in working with me. They always try to make me better and stronger. 
What are the European Games?
Organised by the European Olympic Committee, the European Games are a multinational, multi-sport event that takes place the year before the Summer Olympics. First held in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2015, the second edition will be held in Minsk, Belarus from 21-30 June. Nearly 4000 athletes from 50 countries will compete in 200 events in 15 sports. Nearly 200 athletes from Ukraine will compete.
Why are they important?
For some sports, the European Games serves as the 2019 world champions. For others, athletes will have the chance to qualify for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Athletes from 10 sports can earn qualification, with Ukrainian athletes poised to earn spots in archery, athletics, boxing, cycling, shooting, and karate. 
Who should I watch from Lviv?
Be sure to catch contenders Kateryna Kryva and Stanislav Horuna go for gold in karate on 29-30 June. Roman Gladysh and Olena Starikova are in top form and looking for medals in cycling from 27-30 June. Pavlo Korostylov is one of the finest young shooters in the world – he’s already qualified for next summer’s Olympic Games. He competes from 22-28 June.  
What else do I need to know?
If you’d like to attend, Belarus has waived the visa requirements for most foreigners from 10 June to 10 July. All you need is to show an event ticket, which range in price from 2 to 20 EUR, and you can enter by land or air borders. The event kicks off with the opening ceremonies on 21 June and finishes with the Closing Ceremonies on 30 June.
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-- Lee Reaney