Ukrainian bodybuilding champs

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  • Fitness  prize winner  Anna Noda  (Sevastopol)
  • Ukrainian bodybuilding champs
  • Ukrainian bodybuilding champs
  • Gold medal winner  Zhanna Ageeva (Evpatoriya)
Issue 18, November 2009.

Ukrainian bodybuilding champs crowned Lviv welcomed the country’s leading bodybuilding ladies and gents in October for the Ukrainian national NABBA fitness and bodybuilding championships. The sports of fitness and bodybuilding have developed a huge following in sports-mad Ukraine, where the Soviet era cult of physical activity has blended with the ancient Ukrainian love of the rugged outdoor lifestyle to create a generation of bodybuilding heroes and potentially world-beating fitness specialists. The star of this Lviv national 2009 championships was undoubtedly Crimea’s Zhanna Ageeva, who combines those rarest of sought-after qualities – a
rock hard, absolutely flab-u-less figure and a photo model’s smoldering good looks.