Mr. Lviv 2009 Crowned

  • Mr. Lviv 2009  Dmytro Levadnyi
  • Oleh Bobalo
  • Mr. Lviv 2009 Crowned
  • Oleksandr  Andrievskyi
  • Oleksandr  Morgoev
  • Mykhaylo Lavrys
Issue 12, April 2009.

On March 8 all the ladies of Lviv received a novel present in the well-toned shape of the annual Mr. Lviv male beauty pageant at the Lviv Philharmonic Concert Hall. Following several months of tough qualification heats where they were tested for everything from cooking skills to macho status, ten young men made it through to the final. The title of Mr. Lviv 2009 eventually went to Dmytro Levadny, a 22 year old student who won hearts and minds with his unique combination of sparkling humour and bulging muscles.