Celebrating Lviv’s Rotary Tradition

  • Pavlo Kashkadamov, Yuriy  Samura  and  Myroslav Havryliv  of Lviv Rotary Club
Issue 11, March 2009.

February 23 saw members of Lviv’s Rotary club mark the 104th anniversary of the international organisation’s foundation. Lviv’s Rotary pedigree dates back to the 1930s during the inter-war period of Polish rule, but this brief period of Rotary Club activity was cut short by the arrival in 1939 of Soviet forces, who invaded West Ukraine at the beginning of WWII in line with the terms of the notorious Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of alliance between Hitler and Stalin. The Rotary club’s charitable ethos returned to Lviv in 1990 during the dying days of the Soviet regime, when the establishment of a ‘temporary’ Lviv branch was achieved thanks to the efforts of Myroslav Gavryliv. Today’s Lviv Rotary Club community boasts over 150 members drawn from across the city’s business community, with four separate branches: RC Lviv, RC Lviv-Leopolis, RC Lviv-Centre and RC Lviv-Ratusha.