Traditional Christmas in Photos

  • Lviv journalist Marichka Kryzhanivska / Photo by E.Kravs
  • Lviv cultural chronicler  and star snapper Anna Rytsar / Photo by E.Kravs
  • Participants of the exhibition/ Photo by E.Kravs
  • / Photo by E.Kravs
Issue 10, February 2009.

The Lviv Museum of Ideas (18, Valova Str.) opened a new photo exhibition in early February featuring the works of some of West Ukraine’s finest photographers. The exhibition focuses on the traditions associated with Ukrainian Christmas and the New Year holiday period.

Many of the folk customs of ancient times remain alive and well in Western Ukraine, where Ukrainian culture was shielded from centuries of corroding Russian rule, and the best snappers in the region have all done a lot of work capturing these priceless images of national identity on camera. Participants include Evgen Kraws, Volodymyr Dubas, Vasyl Pylypuk, Oleksandr Mazurenko, Roman Semen and Vadym Mykytenko.

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