Young Ceramic Artists Unite!

  • Yanina Mironova,  ceramics artist
  • Orest Holybets of Lviv Art Acad- emy and Roman Chmelyk of  Lviv Museum of  Ethnography
  • Yuriy Musatov and  Oles Kostka of Minsk
  • Valentina Ero and  Bohdan Kuharskyi
  • Talented ceramic  artists Olya Dzizenka  and Nastya Blagadava
Issue 10, February 2009.

The Lviv Museum of Ethnography and Crafts (15, Svobody Avenue) opened an exhibition of ceramics by Lviv students and their colleagues from Belarus on January 25. The exhibition was the initiative of Lviv’s National Art Academy and is part of efforts to secure more exposure for
emerging artistic talent. It will run until mid-February.