Englishman Rocks Lviv

  • Englishman Rocks Lviv
Issue 1, May 2008.

Ukraine’s most famous husband Sean Carr played Lviv’s popular Picasso nightclub in early April with his Anglo-Ukrainian rock band The Death Valley Screamers. Carr, who is married to Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s daughter Zhenya, has become the country’s most recognisable import since arriving in Ukraine in 2005 and has led a mini-rival in interest in all things connected with good, old-fashioned, leather-panted rock gods. Carr claims to be a big fan of the Lviv vibe, and this was the fourth time in the past three years that the  Screamers have rocked the West Ukrainian capital. The group are currently putting the finishing touches to their new album which is expected for release in early summer, along with a new video starring Sean and Zhenya cast in the roles of gun-slinging gangster couple Bonny and Clyde. On this showing Carr is clearly still enjoying his  musical adventure in Ukraine. “We just play what we like. We call it Art Rock style,” he commented while in Lviv.