Habsburg Past, European Future!

  • Austrian  aristocrat  Karl  Habsburg  at  the  launch of Lviv’s new Habsburg Fou
  • Habsburg Past, European Future!
  • Ukrainian novelist Yuriy Andrukhovich
  • Habsburg Past, European Future!
Issue 22, March 2010.

Lviv’s splendid Pototsky Palace provided the venue March 4 for the launch of a new foundation designed to draw attention to the cultural achievements and European heritage of the Western Ukrainian lands which were formerly part of the Habsburg Empire. Guest of honour at the launch of this new Habsburg Foundation was Karl Habsburg, the grandson of the last Habsburg Emperor Charles I and the current head of the House of Habsburg. He was joined by Ukrainian novelist Yuriy Andrukhovich, who heads the foundation’s honourary advisory board, and foundation director Viktor Klimakovich. The launch of the Habsburg Foundation was marked by the unveiling of a massive canvas portrait of the young Crown Prince Karl Josef which was recently renovated by the skilled artisans of Lviv. As well as celebrating the cultural ties which Lviv, as a former regional Habsburg capital, enjoys with its central European neighbours, the new foundation also aims to promote the Galichyna region as an integral part of the broader European neighourhood. “The main idea behind the foundation is promote awareness that Lviv has always been part of European society,” explained Karl Habsburg. “If we look at the history of literature in the region, it is clear that Lviv has played a major role. I know that many of the best works of Austrian literature are linked to the city. We aim to present this European heritage and in doing so demonstrate that the city’s Habsburg past is also linked to a European future.”