Celebrity Christmas Carols!

  • Celebrity  Christmas Carols!
  • Lviv’s  famed  Pikardiyska  Terciya all male choir
  • Host for the night and  popular  rapper  Oleksandr  Polozhynskyi as an angel
  • Host Ostap Stupka as a devil  with some delightful assistants
  • Taras Chubay  performing Christmas carols
Issue 20, January 2010.

A host of famous Ukrainian show business personalities performed at a gala concert in early January that reminded Lviv theatre-goers of the traditional Christmas celebrations of yesteryear. There was more than a hint of yuletide fairytale romance in the air as popular rapper Oleksandr Polozhynskyi and actor Ostap Stupka took to the stage as hosts of a fun and festive show. Highlights included modern interpretations of classical Ukrainian folk ballads and Christmas carols, making this a celebration for all the family in the true tradition of Lviv Christmases.