Lviv Wins Euro 2012!

  • Lviv Wins Euro 2012!
Issue 20, January 2010.

Lviv marked the onset of winter in early December with news that the city had finally been confirmed as a host city for Euro 2012. Officials at European football’s governing body UEFA had previously threatened to deny Lviv, Donetsk and Kharkiv the right to host games due to the slow pace of their respective preparations, and the news that the West Ukrainian capital would be given a role came as the perfect tonic to local politicians and businessmen while presenting the city as a whole with enormous opportunities in the coming two and a half years. Top of the ‘To Do’ list remain the city’s new airport terminal building and stadium complex, while the planned construction of numerous hotels is also now moving forward. Other infrastructure projects include the renovation of Lviv’s road and rail connections to nearby Poland, which will be co-hosting the tournament. The first major event to take place in Lviv since UEFA confirmed the city’s host status was the late December presentation of the official Euro 2012 logo, which was beamed onto the façade of Lviv Opera House during a gala laser show. The logo has a floral theme with an ethno folk element which is very much in keeping with the prevailing mood among many young Leopolitans and reflects the rural, agrarian culture associated with both Ukraine and Poland.