Lviv’s Leopolis Hotel Hosts Ukrainian Oktoberfest

  • The original Bavarian Oktoberfest Band in Lviv!
  • Lots of  beer  of  “Leopolis”  Oktoberfest”
  • Lviv’s Leopolis Hotel Hosts Ukrainian Oktoberfest
  • Authentic Bavarian  dishes prepared  by Chef Emanuel  Wernbacher
  • “Bud’mo!”  most common  exclamation  of  “Oktoberfest”
  • Chef Emanuel Wernbacher and General  Manager Udo Heine of Leopolis Hotel
  • Leopolis Hotel General  Manager Udo Heine  welcomes Bavarian musicians
  • Beer  overflow  in  good  company
Issue 18, November 2009.

For two wonderful nights on 30-31 October Lviv’s Leopolis Hotel (16 Teatralna Str.) hosted a West Ukrainian version of the globally famous Oktoberfest in the venue’s Lev Cellar restaurant. Guests were treated to authentic Bavarian dishes prepared by chef Emanuel Wernbacher together with lots of beer and a festive atmosphere. The event was modeled on the Munich Oktoberfest which is held every year in the Bavarian capital at the end of September and the first days of October. It is one of the most popular festivals in the world and attracts millions of visitors from every continent. The management of Leopolis Hotel plan to present the Lviv public with various thematic parties and special celebrations in the coming months, with plenty of fun and lots of pleasant surprises for everyone. See the coming issues of Lviv Today for further details.