Lviv literature in focus

  • Presentation to Lviv readers of the  bestseller “Brother” by writers Igor  Berkut and Roman Vasylyshin
  • Norwegian writer Jos- tein  Gaarder,  special  guest of the forum
  • Forum volunteers  promoting books  about Lviv
  • Yuriy Lutsenko,  Minister of Inter- nal Affairs, is a  fan of Ukrainian  literature
  • Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko with Publishers  Forum President Oleksandra Koval
  • Lviv literature in focus
Issue 17, October 2009.

Ukrainian politicians and writers rubbed shoulders in September at Lviv’s ever-expanding International Book Forum, which has been the country’s premier literary gathering ever since its inception back in 1994. President Yushchenko was just one of the leading
figures to attend, and he was joined by top authors such as Yuriy Andrukhovich and the Kapranovy brothers. Other highlights of this year’s event included an appearance from Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder, who shot to fame with his novel ‘Sophie’s World’.