Lviv lions on parade

  • Lviv pop icon and 2004 Eurovision  winner Ruslana gets friendly with  this year’s lions
  • Dzyga’s ever-innovative  Vlodko Kaufman with  his Lion
  • Lion Parade winner “Floral  Lion” prepares to depart  to Kyiv
  • Is it a lion or a bull? Impressive  modern-day interpretation by pop star  Andriy Kuzmenko (Skriabin)
  • Lviv lions on parade
Issue 17, October 2009.

For centuries Lviv has been Eastern Europe’s Lion City, and this status was further enhanced in September by the presence of a whole pride of lavishly decorated ceramic lions in the city’s picturesque downtown area. Pop stars and local celebrities joined Lviv artists to decorate this army of feline royalty, with the best then being sent off around Ukraine as gifts for regional capitals throughout the country. The Ukrainian port city of Odesa was honoured with the overall winner of the 2009 Lion Parade, a gesture that was meant to help mark Odesa’s 215th birthday celebrations.