Austrian President Visits Lviv

  • President of Austria Heinz Fischer   with  governour  Mykola Kmyt and Lviv city Mayor  Andriy Sadpvyi
  • Festive  meeting  in   Lviv  airport
  • Boris Voznitsky  shows  VIP  guests  masterpieces
  • Austrian President Visits Lviv
Issue 15, July 2009.

Austrian President Heinz Fischer paid a state visit to Ukraine in early July, visiting both Kyiv and Lviv along with a major trade delegation as Austria looked to cement its status as the fourth largest foreign investor in Ukraine. President Fischer was delighted by Lviv’s Habsburg architecture and clearly felt at home during a friendly official visit which will hopefully pave the way for yet more Austrian investment into the city. Until 1918 Lviv was the eastern capital of the Habsburg Empire, and was known throughout the empire and beyond as Lemberg.