Third Time Lucky for Pushkin Bust?

  • “Antivandal”   innovation   bust  by   talented  sculptor  Oleh Dergachov
  • General consul of  Russian  Federation  Yevgeniy Guzeev  at the  ceremony
  • Businessman Petro Pysarchuk, Russian Consul  Yevgeniy Guzeev and Augustine, Archbishop of Lviv
  • Graffiti  on  immortal  Pushkin’s  poetry  by Lviv  children
Issue 15, July 2009.

Early June saw the unveiling of a new and improved bust to Russian literary great Alexander Pushkin outside Lviv’s Russian Cultural Centre. Lviv nationalist groups who object to Russia’s historical legacy in the region have already destroyed two previous busts, but this latest monument has been specially designed to be vandal-proof. The new Pushkin monument was financed by Lviv’s Volodymyr Samborskiy, who is now resident in Moscow. The bust itself was created by talented Lviv sculptor Oleh Dergachov, who is currently based in Canada. The opening ceremony was attended by the deputy head of Lviv Oblast Administration Igor Derzhko, Russia’s Consul in Lviv Yevgeniy Guzeev and other admirers of Pushkin’s poetry.