Poland’s First Lady Maria Kaczynska visits Lviv

  • Poland’s  First  Lady  Maria  Kaczynska  joins a group of Polish schoolchildren for  a tour of the city
  • Maria  Kaczynska  and  Grzegorz  Opalonski,  Lviv’s Polish General Consul, close  to  tomb of  the unknown soldier at Lychakiv c
  • Poland’s First Lady Maria Kaczynska visits Lviv
Issue 14, June 2009.

On June 1st Poland’s First Lady Maria Kaczynska visited Lviv and took part in celebrations to mark the second annual Polish-Ukrainian Children’s Day dedicated to International Child Protection Day. Mrs. Kaczynska comes from a family of former Polish nobles in Lithuania and so has a sentimental attachment to the formerly Polish cities which were swallowed up by the Soviet Union in 1939, making her trip to Lviv especially poignant. The focus of her Lviv
visit was a contest for local kids entitled: ‘A child’s smile – the smile of Lviv’ which featured paintings produced by Lviv youngsters and which was organised by the Polish Consulate in the city. All entries were exhibited in the venerable surroundings of Lviv’s majestic National Opera House, and once the prize-giving was over the visiting Polish First Lady also enjoyed a theatrical performance. Like every Pole to visit Lviv, Mrs. Kaczynska was struck by the architectural beauty of the city and commented on its romantic charm and tourism potential.