Connecting Lviv to the European Mainline!

  • Lviv theatre stars hark back to the days of Habsburg grandeur as  they welcome  the  return of  the city  to  the Central Europe
  • Polish and Ukrainian officials said that the new  rail line would further strengthen ties between  the two strategic East Europe
  • Connecting Lviv to the European Mainline!
Issue 14, June 2009.

Early June saw the launch of a revolutionary rail service linking Lviv with the Polish cities Krakow and Wroclaw and featuring new technologies that allow for massive reductions on the time spent readjusting wagons to meet the requirements of European railway gauges. Until recently all trains leaving the former Soviet Union and entering the European Union were subject to long delays as wagon wheels were changed in a painstaking process that could take upwards of three hours and involved significant manpower. These delays were the result of Soviet concerns about their rail network being used to facilitate another invasion of the USSR from Europe, leading officials to introduce a separate rail size throughout the Soviet empire. However, this new service will greatly reduce the time lost at the border by relying on a new system of wheels with changeable gauge sizes, allowing for a relatively quick and painless transition from the Ukrainian to the Polish rail networks. The new service is part of efforts to link the country to the European mainstream in time for Euro 2012, which will be held jointly in Ukraine and Poland. As well as dealing with the gauge problem, this new train service also offers unprecedented comfort to travelers ad comes complete with showers, fridges, comfortable sleeping compartments and TVs, making it a quantum leap for the increasingly dated Ukrainian rail service.