Jazzing it up into Spring!

  • 20th  anniversary   “Mertvy Piven”   performance
  •  Roman Chayka  of  “Mertvy Piven”
  • Volodymyr Urban,  group «ShockolaD»
  • Traditional  host of  "Flygery Festival"  Marta  Bilska
  • Jazzing it up into Spring!
Issue 13, May 2009.

Lviv rocked to a jazzy beat in early May as the city’s old town was grasped by the laidback mood of the annual Flugery Jazz Festival. The event, organized by the city’s main cultural hub the Dzyga Art Centre together with Lviv City Council, was held in the City Council’s inner courtyard, adding to the timeless ambience and chilled out mood generated by a series of surprisingly sunny early spring days. Lviv is fast emerging as one of Eastern Europe’s jazz capitals, and judging by this showing, that reputation is likely to grow and grow in the coming years.