Traditional Lviv elegance on display at Spring Ball

  • Mister Lviv 2009 finalist Artem Bedzay  with a charming princess of the ball
  • King of the  Lviv ball   with the  event host
  • Mr. S. Pastukh
  • The lucky winner of  a Princess Certificate
  • Messrs Pastukh and  Peresada in charming company
Issue 13, May 2009.

On April 25 Lviv’s House of Scientists played host to the fifth annual “Lviv Ball”, which is traditionally held in honour of King Lev (Lion) and Queen Constance. The history of the event can actually be traced back to a gala event held in the city to mark the visit of a French royal delegation back in 1482, and this noble heritage was reflected in the high-brow proceedings, which included music from the Leopolis Chamber Orchestra and a performance from Odesa’s very own Ukrainian waltzing wizard Oleksandr Ostankin. This year’s ball was part of fundraising efforts to finance the erection of a statue dedicated to a monument in honour of King Lev, the man after whom Lviv is said to have been named.