Lviv Promotion

Innovo: Nothing's hard if you know how to do it!

Issue 120, February 2019.
For ten years already, the Innovo Medical Centre of Physical Therapy & Pain Medicine improves the quality of life of people and their physical condition thanks to the hard work of both its children’s and adults’ departments. Along the way, Innovo has become Ukraine’s leader in the field of children’s rehabilitation. Lviv Today met with Zakhar Kozii, chief physical therapist at children’s department who told more about centre’s everyday life.

2018 Lion Awards

Issue 119, January 2019.
As another action-packed year in Ukraine’s cultural capital came to an end, we present you with our annual awards for the people, places, and events that have helped make the past 12 months in Lviv so memorable. The Lviv Today team congratulates all of 2018’s Lion Award winners and thanks them for their contributions to making Lviv such a great place to live.

Chycheri’s World of Gorgeous Ornaments

Issue 117, November 2018.
Nowadays it is especially important to remember our vigorous roots and to deservingly appreciate and carefully cherish our centuries-old cultural traditions. It is essential to keep in mind who we are and where we came from. Which is precisely why Chycheri designer Anastasiya Vasylyk has borne these ideas in mind since founding her company four years ago.

Першого листопада стартує XVIII Міжнародний економічний форум у Львові

Issue 116, October 2018.
Наймасштабніша економічна подія року Західного регіону — XVIII Міжнародний економічний форум — стартує уже в четвер, 1 листопада. За словами керівника управління інвестиційної політики Львівської обласної державної адміністрації Романа Матиса, цьогорічний Економічний форум у Львові буде ще грандіознішим за попередні.

Lviv Gets a City Card

Issue 116, October 2018.
Lviv has long been considered Ukraine’s most European city, and now we’ve joined the ranks of Europe’s top tourist destinations with the introduction of the new Lviv City Card for tourists. This plastic loyalty card was launched on 27 September and is sure to open even more opportunities for tourists. City cards provide benefits to tourists when eating, sleeping, sightseeing, shopping, or using public transport.

2018 Invictus Games

Issue 116, October 2018.
The word ‘invictus’ is Latin for ‘unconquered’ and embodies the fighting spirit of our wounded, injured, and ill servicemen and women. They have been tested and challenged, but they have not been overcome. They have proven that by embracing each other and the support of family and friends, they can reclaim their futures.

Lviv Among Cheapest Cities in the World for Foreign Employees

Issue 114, July 2018.
You work hard for your money – and in Lviv, it goes a long way. Lviv was recently ranked 345th of 348 cities worldwide for cost of living for foreign employees, according to an Expatistan survey. Index was based on comparison of prices on food, housing rent, transport, clothes purchase, medical care and entertainment.

Leopolitan Conquers Mount Everest

Issue 113, June 2018.
Rising 8,850 metres (29,035 feet) into the sky, Mount Everest is literally located at the top of the world. Since being crowned the world’s tallest mountain, people have inevitably wanted to conquer it, and many have failed. More than 2,200 people have succeeded in their endeavours, while more than 200 have lost their lives attempting the climb. So why climb Everest? “Because it is there”, English mountaineer George Mallory famously said. On 25 May, that’s just what a team of Ukrainian climbers did. Lviv’s Roman Horodechnyi and Dnipro’s Dmitry Semerenko joined Bila Tserkva’s team leader Taras Pozdnii in reaching the peak on 25 May. In doing so, Horodechnyi becomes the first Leopolitan to ever stand on top of the world.

Veles Gallery: Five Years of Beauty

Issue 111, April 2018.
Lviv’s popular Veles Gallery (4A Fredra St.) recently celebrated their fifth anniversary. Lviv Today was on hand to mark the occasion and sat down with gallery owner Halyna Tryntsolyn to speak about the gallery’s creative achievements.

ibis Styles Lviv Center is Your Stylish Hotel in the Heart of Lviv

Issue 111, April 2018.
Located right in the UNESCO World Heritage-recognised center of Lviv on 3 Shukhevycha Street, the ibis Styles Lviv Center is the first ibis Styles hotel anywhere in the CIS. Owned by leading European hotel operator AccorHotels, the modern seven-storey stylish hotel combines the design elements of Ukrainian national culture and functional comfort.