Mirotel Resort & Spa - hotel for family rest

  • Mirotel Resort & Spa - hotel for family rest
  • Mirotel Resort & Spa - hotel for family rest
Issue 50, October 2012.

Mirotel Resort & Spa - hotel for family rest
Life is swift passing. Often in this rhythm we forget about the most important things, which we live for : sharing time with our dearest, closest people and family.
It’s precious to have nowhere to rush, enjoy smiles of children, have a pleasant conversation with your sweetheart savouring glass of good wine ... Do you remember when it was last time you did all this? You are lucky if you do, and if not there is a way to change the situation.
We are glad to tell you the best possibility on how to create a new gallery of your family’s happy, positive and pleasant emotions. There is a place not far from Lviv, at picturesque landscape - resort town Truskavets. New hotel - recreation complex «Mirotel Resort & Spa» - is just the place where family values are highly appreciated and where the perfect conditions for comfortable family leisure are created.
In this place, your children will want to stay and have an unconventional adventure during the tour, picnic or barbecue which can be organized by hotel stuff. There are special rooms - DoreMini and DoreMax which are available among the traditional services for children in «Mirotel Resort & Spa». Professional teaching staff can organize not only interesting holidays for your children, but also useful and educational time spending.
Billiard Bar “Renaissance” with tables for billiards, backgammon and chess in the business zone will surely attract men. Selection of cigars will surprise even the most discerning connoisseurs. Hotel also provides gym with the possibility to consult a professional trainer and pool with four track 25 meters length. Time, spent on sports activities will definitely give you inspiration to do further achievements.
Women of any age can improve their beauty at spa-centre, which is connected to the hotel with covered passage. This is a great opportunity for ladies who are not willing to spend time on long beauty treatments. In the list of available cosmetic services are not only those that improve condition of the body, but also those for condition of spirit. Aromatherapy, skin treatments with gold, platinum applications, oxygen, chocolate and other herbal elements are available in the spa center. «Mirotel Resort & Spa» offers more than 70 cosmetic procedures for face and body as well as 20 kinds of massages. With your spa procedures you will escape from stress and will be filled with energy and beauty.
What about short excursion or sightseeing? There is much to see in Carpathians foothills. Moreover, transport and organization will be taken care by concierge service representatives, you will have just to choose the place where you want to go.
At the evening stars will twinkle friendly through Bellini's restaurant space panoramic windows on the penultimate floor, where you will admire the magnificent views of Truskavets and taste delicious European cuisine. In special autumn menu are many dishes cooked with tasty Carpathian mushrooms.
During rest days in «Mirotel Resort & Spa», Truskavets you will forget about all family troubles, misunderstandings and conflicts which, unfortunately, are inevitable in everyday life. Your family will certainly become stronger and picture album will be enriched with new photographs of unique holiday!

Mirotel Resort & Spa
Kobzar Square 1,
Truskavets, Ukraine
Reservations: +380 (3247) 641 72/73
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