Issue 44, March 2012.

High end jewellery pieces are valuable not only because of the rare gems and first-rate materials that are used, but also because of the creative design and exquisite craftsmanship that goes into it.

Among all the great jewellers of Ukraine, Kiev based Classic Jewellery House "Lobortas", is definitely a name that draws attention from jewellery connoisseurs. Established in 1997 primarily as a jewellery studio, today’s Classic Jewellery House “Lobortas” is built upon a philosophy of creating sensational and audacious pieces. Having won numerous awards at the prestigious “Jeweller Expo Ukraine”, "Lobortas" have come a long way since being recognized as the first Ukrainian jewellery firm creating dazzling masterpieces and completing the world cultural treasury of works of art.

What sets “Lobortas” apart from other jewellers is its craftsmanship – the ability to create refined pieces from precious stones and materials, and also its creative, innovative and trendsetting designs.

From the first designs of jewellery created in the 90s, “Lobortas” has always been able to surprise customers with its breathtaking creations. For example, in 2011 the Guinness World Record for the most diamonds on one ring was won by the ring “Tsarevna Swan,” which was created by the “Lobortas” Classic Jewellery House. A total of 2,525 cut diamonds set into one ring wearable on the human finger entered the Guinness World Records. The ring’s price is set at $1.3 million based on the cost of materials and work, artistic value, and estimates from independent jewellers.

“Lobortas” pieces also have great cultural and artistic value, and are easily recognised by their unique style referred to as “Romantic Avant-garde”. This style reflects the spiritual and aesthetic values of Ukrainian people, who are proud of their long history and various traditions based on Kiev Russ’ heritage and ancient culture of Trypillya.

To help its innovative and passionate designs come to life, “Lobortas” has a wonderful team of artisans and lapidaries to create its extraordinary pieces. The jewellery house’s strength is its ability to transform and sculpt a wide variety of materials. From exquisite wedding jewellery with engagement, bridal rings, tasteful spiritual objects, fascinating enamel collections and lots of artful interior objects, decorations and special occasion gifts, “Lobortas” is capable of creating pieces beyond our imagination as each piece reflects the brand’s passion for creating unique and exclusive designs.
Lviv’s official distributor of “Lobortas” is jewellery boutique “Kolektsiya” (at 4, Teatral’na str. Lviv). For more information, please call on (032) 235 68 76 or visit