Lviv Promotion


Issue 132, March 2020.
Chereshnivska was founded in Lviv in 2015. The brand is distinguished by its minimalistic product design and recognizable prints – just check out the shirt on the cover of this magazine to see for yourself.

Intriguing ‘Maid-in-Law’ to Hit the Big Screen in 2020

Issue 129, December 2019.
‘Maid-in-Law’, a romantic period piece and one of Ukraine’s biggest post-independence film releases, will premiere on 16 January. Produced by with the support of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture, the film is based on Sofia Andrukhovych’s novel ‘Felix Austria’, which is known for the depth of its character portrayals and suprising diversity.

Have a Glass of Wine in Transcarpathia

Issue 129, December 2019.
Ukraine’s wine industry is going through a revival and branching out into sophisticated blends after suffering a blow from Russia’s annexation of Crimea’s famed vineyards. According to the Association of Winegrowers & Winemakers of Ukraine (AWWU), when Russia seized the Black Sea peninsula in 2014, Ukraine lost more than half of its bottled wines – mainly semi-sweet and dessert bottles.

Leopolitan Artists Win Prestigious Art Awards

Issue 128, November 2019.
Leopolitan artists Volodymyr Bohuslavskyi and Serhiy Hai were both recognised at the recent Florence Biennale, a major contemporary art exhibition in Italy that showcases outstanding pieces of international contemporary art. During each event, an international jury comprised of distinguished scholars, art historians, and critics confer the ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’ Award to the best exhibiting artists.

Why do People Prefer IQOS?

Issue 127, October 2019.
A well-known tobacco heating device has quite a few advantages, including unique ones depending on the user, which is one of the main reasons of its increasing popularity. IQOS has long become a common name among its users. The gadget for heating tobacco is associated with a certain way of life and stands out for its appearance and content. What makes the device so popular, and how is it different from the other products?

Leopolitan Writer Wins EU Prize for Literature

Issue 127, October 2019.
Leopolitan writer Haska Shyyan was awarded the EU Prize for Literature at a ceremony in Brussels on 2 October. The prize recognizes outstanding new and emerging literary talents across Europe. Shyyan was named one of the 14 laureates for her second novel, ‘Beyond the Back’. Set in contemporary Ukraine, the book tells the story of a successful, young woman whose boyfriend is sent to fight in Russia’s undeclared war in Donbas. It marked the first time a writer from Ukraine was recognised with the prestigious award.

Дитячий садок, в якому і батьки мріють знову стати дітьми

Issue 125, July 2019.
СадОк Родини Медікавер – перший і єдиний в Україні дошкільний навчальний заклад, який належить до Європейської мережі медичних закладів Медікавер.

Smoking-етикет від IQOS: новий рівень культури паління

Issue 125, July 2019.
Культура тютюнопаління нараховує близько тисячі років. За цей час вона пройшла безліч етапів від джентельменського «чи можу я закурити?», До категоричного «у нас не палять!». З появою IQOS звичний тютюновий ритуал набув нових рис і перейшов на вищий щабель етикету.

Remembering Jack Palance

Issue 121, March 2019.
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Academy Award-winning Ukrainian-American Jack Palance. The legendary actor ruled the cinema screens with his devious portrayals of villainous characters. With his athletic frame, deep-set eyes, and high cheekbones, he became the quintessential evil-incarnate of his era and one of the most despised movie villain actors of all-time.

Lviv Book Wins ‘Best Book Design Worldwide’ Award

Issue 121, March 2019.
Lviv’s Old Lion Publishing House won a bronze medal at the prestigious Best Book Design Worldwide contest for ‘This is How I See’, a book designed and illustrated by Romana Romanyshyn and Andrii Lesiv at Art Studio Agrafka.