Volodymyr Sharan : «To work in FC “Karpaty” was my dream»

  • Volodymyr Sharan : «To work in FC “Karpaty” was my dream»
Issue 43, February 2012.

How does it feel to be coaching the team, where your football career began?
I’m very grateful to Mr. Dyminsky, who provided me with an excellent opportunity to coach such a wonderful team. Working with FC “Karpaty” is my dream. It was an exciting moment when the sports director of FC “Karpaty” Stepan Yurchushyn, asked me if I’d be interested in becoming the team’s chief coach.

When you were offered the position at FC “Karpaty”, were you told by the teams management what the main issues and duties of the chief coach were?
The main priority was clearly stated by the President of the football club, which is to qualify for the European League via Ukraine’s Cup. Regarding the national championships, FC “Karpaty” are expected to at least finish in the top ten.

How will the game of FC “Karpaty” change under your guidance?

We are trying to play an aggressive,rapid game and enjoy the results. I’m fond of rushing football,however not all games should be played using the same tactics so I am intending to make changes. One of the main aims for the chief coach is to improve the players tactical awareness so that they can adapt their game depending upon the actual situation. A footballer should play not only with his legs but also with his head. Today the team plays with good technique and has highly qualified players. The only thing which the team needs is more psychological determination, but I expect to deal with this issue in the near future.


FC “Karpaty” has already had some good results under your leadership,would you like to comment?

We have had some excellent results against some big sides and also played some friendlies. During the game with “Jagiellonia” I was sort of introducing myself to the team and observed that players were not in good physical shape. “Karpaty” were losing 2:0 in the first half but the game was interrupted by bad weather so we agreed to finish game the next day. The team played very confidently and aggressively for the second half which lead to a victory.

We will play an official match against “Zorya” on March 03rd, in Lugansk, and the result of the match could influence our how we view our previous achievements. Also,as you know luck in football should also been taken seriously. The main thing for now is that FC “Karpaty” players have no injuries after training in Turkey.

In the football world you are considered to be quite lucky yourself. How did you become successful in the game?
In my childhood, I was always engaged in football, so probably I should be thankful for some luck. I started playing yard football when I was 6 years old in Marinopil. I was little, but effective so older boys often took me in their teams. I think it was my fighting spirit that made my first coach Mykola Segin choose me. Later, when I grew up, I tried to enter sports boarding school in Kiev, but they were interested in more physically developed boys, with prospects of playing with “Dynamo” (Kiev). But I am very persistent and I tried my best to come close to “real” football in Lviv. In Lviv I got lucky twice. Firstly, I entered Lviv’s sports boarding school with the best coach ever, Yaroslaw Dmytrasevych. Secondly, with me in the very same group were some great football players – Mykola Sych, Vadym Gerasymenko, Volodymyr Kovtanuk, Ruslan Zabranskyy, and Oleksandr Chyzhevskyy. I was lucky, but I worked hard and devoted myself to training.

What was the adaptation period with Ukraine’s main team like? 
I established myself with the team pretty quickly. Yes,training was very exhausting but we played a lot. Championship games could not even be slightly compared with the Champions League. It felt like one day I was playing in the second league and the next day I was in a match against “Barcelona”. My head was spinning!

 The beginning of the season was not successful for FC “Karpaty”, with faces leaving the elite division. 
It happens in football that after one good season (like last years’ one when FC “Karpaty” was playing in the European League) comes a downturn. At the moment the team is at the bottom of the tournament table and yes,there is a risk of exiting the top division. I am optimistic however the team has and a good mix of young, skillful,experienced and well qualified players. As I already mentioned, the team lacks psychological determination. We should strengthen the team with new players, especially forwards. We should show more trust in young players, I am sure there are lots of talented ones among young local players. I don’t approve of the common practice of letting a young player spend several minutes on the field at the end of the match only when the team is winning. The character and potential of a young player will be only be realised if he feels responsible for the result of the game.
We still have time to improve. We’ve already a done pretty good job at our first training camp in Turkey. After Turkey I am going to Dnipropetrovsk, we need to address some general issues and then I’ll be back in Lviv. As I spent my youth in Lviv, I think of the city as my native.

Evgen Kraws

Info: Volodymyr Sharan; born September 18th,1971 in Marinopil (Ivano-Frankivsk region). Graduated Lviv sport boarding school (today known as FC “Karpaty” Academy), later continued studying at Lviv State Physical Culture Institute.
Sport facts: Midfielder, played in FC “Karpaty” (Lviv), «Dynamo» (Kiev) and «Dnipro» (Dnipropetrovsk). Played in 1 match for Ukraine’s National team. Also played for USSR U-20 team at 1991 FIFA World Youth Championship.
Sharan started his career with Lviv’s FC Karpaty” in the season of 1989. In 1991 he left for “Dynamo” (Kiev) and as a player was a three times winner of the Ukrainian Championship (1993-95) and also the Ukrainian Cup (1993). Later during 1995—1997, he joined “Dnipro” (Dnipropetrovsk), and FC “LViv”, and in 1998—2000 he returned to FC “Karpaty”. As player of FC “Karpaty” Sharan was a bronze medal winner in Ukraine’s Championship of 1998, and a Ukrainian Cup 1999 finalist with subsequent UEFA Cup qualification. In total, Sharan played 98 matches as an FC “Karpaty” player in the USSR and Ukrainian Championships,scoring 16 goals. He finished his career as a player during 2001–2003 with “Polihraftekhnika” (Oleksandria) and started his coaching career training players of “Kryvbas-2” (Kryvyi Rih), “Zirka” (Kirovohrad), “Zakarpattia” (Uzhhorod), and “PFC” (Oleksandria). On 21st January 2012 he accepted the position of manager at FC “Karpaty” (Lviv).