Sphere in Lviv for Christmas Holiday Season

  • Sphere in Lviv for Christmas Holiday Season
Issue 130, January 2020.
Sphere in Lviv for Christmas Holiday Season
The concept of spherical housing dates back to ancient times and takes its lead from Mother Nature, where spheres are associated with eggs, bosoms and other eternal symbols of new life. Civilizations have developed spherical architecture all over the world, with rounded features often dominating skylines and prominent buildings such as palaces, churches and mosques. A spherical abode recently appeared in Lviv for the 2019-2020 festive season. Anatoli Artemenko spoke to project co-author Oles Dmytryshyn about this original installation. 
What inspired you to create this spherical masterpiece?
Co-creator Vasyl and I have been friends for a long time. He is an architect while I am a lawyer, but construction is our vocation. We have a common interest in creating beautiful things, by which I mean engineering, new technologies and creativity. Vasyl saw a construction similar to this sphere and shared it with me. I was interested. We started production in early April 2019, and by May the sphere made its debut in front of Lviv Opera House. The sphere is organically suitable for any landscape, regardless of climate or terrain. In addition, the spherical dome construction is very robust and sturdy. The sphere offers the maximum amount of space while requiring a minimum building area. 
What do you call your project?
We have named this project SFERA. This is the second time we have presented our SFERA concept in Lviv, together with our partners at "Lvivski Yarmarky" company. We installed the SFERA near Lviv Opera House during the annual Easter Fair, and now on Rynok Square for the festive season. Each time, the installation was supported by Lviv City Administration. During the Chirstmas holidays, the SFERA served as an impromptu St. Nicholas House and also hosted art exhibits. 
What kind of reaction have you had to the SFERA installation in Lviv?
It is difficult to calculate how many people visited the SPHERE in total, but we have had a very positive reaction from everyone including Lviv residents, foreign tourists, and visitors from other parts of Ukraine. There has been a lot of interest. 
What are your plans for the future?
We plan to organize commercial production of the SFERA. There are ambitious ideas to create business franchises for express cafes and eco-hotels based on our SFERA model. We will use the most innovative materials in production, but the sphere concept guarantees that it will remain a natural environment. The spherical dome construction itself is very strong and practical, of course.